Adrianne Waterman

Adrianne in a woven creation

I have worked with textiles pretty much all my life since learning to knit and crochet at an early age and taking sewing classes at school. I was given my first very own sewing machine at age 16.

I have made tailored jackets and wedding, bridesmaids and evening dresses as well as street clothing. I’ve knitted fair isle and aaran jumpers and crocheted rugs and children’s coats. I like anything with a challenge in the pattern.

These days I like to mix it up a bit by repurposing clothing and making old jeans into bags, skirts into blouses, and mixing cloth with woven or knitted material. Volunteering in an op shop has some advantages as you can pick up some great things but boy is my stash huge!!

Re purposing collecion

I have dabbled with felting, basket making and ecodyeing but my real love is weaving which I discovered about five years ago. I attended a ‘Make a Scarf in a Day’ workshop at the Bega Weavers and I was hooked. Just after that they had a demonstration of Saori weaving and that really got me excited.

Saori weaving started in Japan and their slogan is ‘Self-Innovation through Free Weaving’. Saori weaving has a number of techniques to enhance your weaving but the main idea is just to go with the flow – there are no mistakes – just design features. How good is that!

Weaving colletion
I now have four looms. My Saori loom which is 60 cm wide, a 40 cm rigid heddle loom (known as Richards by the Bega Weavers) and two inkle looms which you can make straps on (so far I’ve only made a dog lead on my inkle loom). I can produce metres of material to make into my creations. There is always something new to learn about weaving and many challenges to meet in creating wearable art.

Pink Top in the NestPink Woven Top with small Shoulder Bags