Welcome to the Artisans Nest Gallery



Cottage gallery. view from north


Where to from here? we said
As we opened up our door
Into the new “unknown” we said
Where art means even more.

To sew and weave and paint
And shape our skills anew
We know without a doubt
Love of craft will see us through.

And as this turmoil passes
And we glimpse the changing time
We believe the word “Renaissance”
Will help our “Nest” to shine.

We all send our best wishes and hope to see you soon. Keep well and safe.♥️♥️♥️

We are now open again! 5 days, 10am until 3pm from early August 2020 – temporarily closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The Artisans Nest has implemented a CovidSafe business plan in line with government recommendations          COVID_Safe_Badge_Digital


Artisans Nest is an artist-run Gallery in Bodalla which offers a welcoming atmosphere to anyone interested in high quality locally produced textiles, arts and crafts.

Artisans Nest has 20 members. New artists regularly join the group. They bring new techniques and styles to add to those already displayed.

Plant-dyed silk, millinery, felted art pieces, knitted garments, mosaics, spun yarn, clothing made from all manner of upcycled material, fleece and jewellery are just some of the crafts that are bound to delight the eye of the visitor.

The ‘Nest’ offers fantastic one-off garments, from beautiful toddlers’ dresses to very sophisticated hand-woven tops and vests. Many people will remember the coloured woollen blankets of the 60s and 70s. Here you will find them made into wonderful, upcycled tops and other interesting items.

The jewellery is unique. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from very inexpensive, quirky brooches to more sophisticated wire-wrapped gemstones, necklaces made from vintage buttons or little earrings made from a variety of unusual colourful leather.

The gallery enjoyed a makeover in 2019 which features new paintwork, and a reconfiguration of the pathway from the next-door Dairy Shed which has greatly improved access.

Regular visitors already know that the ‘Nest’ is a go-to place for a unique gift. An artist is on hand each day to show you around. The gallery is open seven days a week from 10 am in the main street of Bodalla on the NSW south coast. (See temporary amended hours above)

And, if you are a local creative artist, would you like to join this like-minded group of people and sell your creations in Bodalla? Please contact June Carruthers on 4473 5582 or 0403 034 210.

Application forms are also available at the Gallery and on the website: artisansnestbodalla.com