The Artisans Nest Artists

Artisans Nest began its journey in January 2012 and is proud to be supported by an inspiring group of artists located on the New South Wales South Coast.

Artisans Nest artists have amazing talents using techniques including spinning, weaving, felting, sewing, knitting, painting, shibori, eco and discharge dying on silk and cotton, as well as leather work and assemblage.  These artists produce a unique and diverse range of garments, designer bags, jewelry, framed art, wearables and standalone sculptural art to name but a few.

The creativity and craftsmanship of gallery members is showcased in the ever changing display at Artisans Nest Bodalla.  Click on the links below

3 thoughts on “The Artisans Nest Artists

  1. bunyasatmilton

    Hi Everyone, Good luck with the opening and I hope everyone has fun. Congratulations to Fiona too on the website and thanks for your advice re wordpress. I have been working on a blog bunyasatmilton@wordpress and am finding it a learning experience.
    Is there going to be an official opening/party to celebrate this new venture?
    Susan Curran

  2. Mischi West

    We are planning an opening in a week or so, will keep you posted…..all is going wonderfully so far.

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