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Deborah Mandira

Deborah Mandira

I am a textile artist and am fascinated with any kind of printing and dyeing onto fabric.  I came to textile art rather late in life.  Since beginning my art form, I have concentrated almost exclusively on exploring and developing my love of printing onto fabric.  My main focus is to manipulate fabric and dye.  I use surface design to create images on fabric.  Coming to this art form, not from art school training but from an experimental place, I have created my own original methods for applying dye to the fabrics I love working with, natural fibres like cotton, silk, hemp, linen and bamboo.

I started using synthetic, more conventional dyes, but I now almost exclusively dye with plants and metals and love the organic and surprising results.  I use flowers, leaves, bark, roots and fruit and mixtures of these to create marks and colours through steaming and I also make liquors of quantities of flora which I use with shibori techniques of dyeing.  I collect both native and cultivated plants from wherever I happen to be which is mostly on the South Coast of NSW but previous winters have found me in the tropical north of Queensland.

Since this entry, I have changed favorites again. Now I have been upcycling clothing for ages. I love to cover my big table in lots of different fabrics and garments and see what looks good with what and start cutting and sewing.

I have also started felting which I also love. I make rather unusual  pieces of nuno felted clothing which is a combination of silk and wool.

You can read more about Deborah and her career on the her website, http://www.mandiratextiles.com. 

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