Autumn is upon us

A glorious autumn is happening now, after torrential floods and some freezing and snowing weather already and its only half way through April! We are having to be more resilient with the results on our world from climate change, Covid 19 and all the other challenges.

But here at the Nest our creators are keeping sane (we hope) by continuing to create their works of art and inventive gems.

We purchased new furniture to modernise our ‘look’. Our Gallery is much improved by it in appearance and usability.

New Look Gallery

New to the Nest we have Julie Armstrong who is otherwise known as Global Village Emporium who creates wide range of works, cards, paintings, earrings and other jewellery, embellished clothing, etc etc, too many items to list.

We also have Carolyn Kohler whose main passion is felting and who produces exquisite shawls, scarves and other items.

We will keep you posted about other contributors but do yourself a favour and drop by to see all our stock. You wont be disappointed!